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Kemery Oparah


Revealed, 23 Young Moguls share the science behind building an empire. Who says you have to be an adult to make a major impact on the world? This book will inspire the young and old to dream huge, make moves and create major change. 

This book provides what the average school curriculum does not, real life examples and tips to take any budding entrepreneur or future leader from unsure and confused to confident and ready! 


  • 23 candid Interviews with Young Moguls who have done the work to build a brand that has disrupted the status quo.

  •  Discover their journeys to creating a lasting legacy

  •  Discover how they are making a difference in their communities and beyond! 

  •  Discover how your child can do the same and more!

9-year old CEO of Kemery Kreates, Kemery, partnered with 22 kidpreneurs to reveal their stories of owning successful businesses. Together, they are on a mission to encourage thousands of children worldwide to turn their passions into income producing businesses!

The Science Behind It

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The Science Behind It

Formulating Success At Any Age


Who should read this book?


  •  Anyone who is wanting to expose their child to or be exposed to a growth mindset. 

  •  Someone looking to show their children that success comes in many shapes, sizes and formulations.

  •  Someone looking to learn how these youth authors are formulating their own success. Some before they are old enough to drive!

  •  Someone who is ready to start a business or brand and not let their age hold them back!

~Atlantic City Fashion Week 

~The Cover of Fayette Women Magazine 

~Top 10 Business Finalist in the TOFi International HERs OWNly Jr. Pitch Contest

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